GSC: an idea born out of love for the lower Garda area

The synergy uniting different ages and generations gave birth to GSC, a network of companies with the aim of building experiences and services related to slow mobility in the South Garda region.

A red thread that aims to keep together the bike rental and purchase point, the refreshment area and the Bike Hotel, created over the years with the aim of contributing to the enhancement of the hinterland between Lake Garda and Mincio.

The search for a way to escape from the chaos of the city and mass tourism is becoming more and more intense: contact with nature, the authenticity of the products on the table, the importance of a slow and sustainable journey are the basis of the complete service offered by Garda South Cycling.

Noleggio bici sul Mincio
Borgo Stazione
Littorina del Mincio

The Sun Route Cycle Path and the commitment to promoting sustainability

The Mincio cycle path is part of the network of cycle paths in the lower Garda area. It is integrated into the European cycle route EV7, the so-called “Ciclopista del Sole”.

The Lower Garda area stands out for its high environmental, cultural and natural quality: a place where you can learn to know and live in balance with nature.

Chi Siamo GSC

Behind this project there are people from different backgrounds who share a love for the area in which they live and work every day.

Their commitment to promoting sustainability in the area has been going on for several years,even before they met.

From food, with its organic and Km0 products, to a more sustainable form of travel, with the bike hotel and bike hire, the Mincio area has begun an important journey to promote slow tourism that is attentive to the local area.

Giada e Federico GSC

Federico and Giada Signorelli: many projects and ideas for improving the cycle path

Architects Federico and Giada Signorelli, husband and wife, with their Circlelab Architecture studio, have been interested in slow tourism issues for more than ten years and are committed to bringing it to their area.

They have always lived in Valeggio sul Mincio and the strong bond they have with the lower lake, in particular with the river Mincio, has led them to experiment and develop projects and ideas to make the Mincio cycle path more attractive.

Luca GSC

Luca Bertagna and his passion for bikes

After training as a bicycle touring guide, Luca Bertagna decided to become a young bicycle entrepreneur. He opened his own company, “Mincio in Bike”, which rents and sells bicycles.

Over the years he implemented the business by offering cycling experiences along the cycle path and creating a dense network of collaborations with accommodation facilities in the lower Garda area. He opened two rental points along the Mincio River, in Salionze and Peschiera del Garda, and a shop with a mechanical workshop in Peschiera.

Michele Macrì

Michele Macrì and the idea of sustainable cuisine

Michele Macrì is the chef at Littorina del Mincio, our Bike Grill close to Lake Garda. After graduating from hotel-management school, at a very young age he left for a work experience as a chef abroad, crossing half the world on a cruise ship, managing to capture the spirit and culture of the places he encountered along the way.

His goal is to bring sustainability into the kitchen: he composes his dishes with the desire to bring the best local products to the table and to promote a circular economy.